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2018 Sutherland Reunion (Minutes)

October 6 th , 2018

President Gary Schweizer started meeting. Linda Schweizer read 2016 minutes.
*Old Business-
-We did not see the flag at the WWII Museum. They stated will takes 5-7 years before it would be on display. Ben Gurganus stated getting letter of authentication was an issue at museum, but it has now has been authorized.

-Norm Parson stated all the money was raised for the 20x20 plaque. It is now in the making and should be on display at the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, TX. Plaque would be up by Jan. 2019. Anyone that might go see it let President known and send pictures so these can be placed on our web page.

*New Business-
-Discussion on Email verse mailing newsletter, it has been determined we will still do mailing, This will keep up with current addresses on rosters. -A motion was brought up to raise the $15 per year or $150 lifetime dues by $5. The Dues pay for copying newsletter, envelopes and postage for mailings and to help pay for any deposits for reunions. A vote to keep the same amount or raise the amount was completed and it was determined the dues would stay the same.

-John Jones contacted President to give up the job of Web Master last year. Craig Pankop volunteered to take it over at the time but since he travels via motor home this makes it very difficult to do. Craig also talked about Dreamweaver 8 very difficult to use and an old program. He asked if someone could take it over or change the web page. Victoria Kosub knows website and Dreamweaver 8 and would be happy to look at it and assist. She suggested using Go Daddy.

-Gary asked to make a motion to have clarification on job descriptions for officers since he could not locate any written. He suggested these changes to be posted for all offices:
President: Will keep a current roster of all members up to date, write all Newsletters & mailings, keep in contact w/webmaster on all updates, signs all contracts on reunions. Run all meetings at reunions.
Vice President/Event Coordinator: (Who ever suggests the new location of the next reunion will take on this responsibility). Responsibilities: to look for hotels, transportation, tours and after all information is gathered will submit to President for all contracts to be signed. Run raffle at reunion. VP will take over if President has medical issues.
Secretary/Treasurer: (Combined office, suggest this be the spouse of President) Responsibilities: to keep all records of accounts, record all dues, continue to keep reunion booklet up to date. Keep in contact with all vendors for reunion throughout the year. They will collect all money for tours at reunions. Purchase all food and decorations for reunion. -Chuck Craven seconds Approved by all hands vote

- Rex Ianson suggested that Bi-laws be institutionalized - everyone else wants to keep it simple.

-Recommendation for next 2020 reunion

*-Rick Anderson suggested Portland, Maine
-41 mile from where Southerland was built
-Oct full color in Maine
-Zumwalt new destroyer being built
-whale watching
-railroad museum
-Rickie to help w/ Maine -50’s -70’s weather

*Tom Bramhall suggested Seattle
-Naval base for tours
-Tourist attractions
-Destroyer to have reunion
-Boeing Museum
-40’s/50’s could be rainy at that time of year

-A vote on location was completed and our 2020 Reunion will be Portland, Maine.

-Marci suggested having a key at front desk for Hospitality Suite instead of signup sheet. A discussion was done vs key or having s signup sheet. A signup sheet was done at this reunion the first night at Welcome Night. Everyone was asked to take a 2 hour slot so the room would always be manned; responsibilities included keeping ice on drinks, filled food and have conversation with anyone in room. A vote was taken and Signup sheet will be continued on the First Night of reunion.

-Mike suggested having the second location for 2020; this was dismissed due to voting of new officers each year.

-Craig Pankop wanted to remind everyone that he brought in booklets and flyers on the VA. Please take home.

-New Officers were voted in for the 2019-2020 year:
President: Gary Schweizer
Vice President: Rick Anderson
Secretary/Treasurer: Linda Schweizer
WebMaster: Victoria Kozub

Meeting closed with our annual Raffle.
*Suggestion was made that we continue to have each person bring something from their home state for the raffle.
- Andy & Kathy Kingsbury won the grand prize, a handmade quilt which was donated by John & Shirley Tripp.